Capture data from any sensor and power source
with the world's first wireless performance monitor...

The all-encompassing solution...

Modern sensors capture more data,
more accurately, more cheaply than ever…

…and never before have we been able
to do and see so much with it.

Yet the transfer of data between sensor and sight is frustrated by products unfit for purpose, with a high cost-per-input, making the pathway  to software tortuous and the full potential of data unreachable.

New Product. New Pathway. New Potential.

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The all-encompassing PRODUCT…

Covering every type of input with tremendous functionality.

Power Metering AND Sensor Monitoring




The all-encompassing PATHWAY…

A seamless stream of innovation taking data to its full potential.

The all-encompassing POTENTIAL…

An astonishing array of applications awaits.

The world's first wireless performance monitor...

10-Year Battery Life
The has very low power consumption for nodes and repeaters. The 3.6v AA or C-Type battery is replaceable. Mains power can be used via a USB adaptor or 5-24v PSU.

Reliable Network
Using a bespoke protocol, the self-healing mesh network formed by all your C2i devices is ultra-reliable and secure.

Easy to Update
Upgrading and making configuration changes, locally or over the internet is simple.

Upgrades can be sent wirelessly to all C2i devices.

Forget complicated power metering. Using Current Transformers and a local voltage reference point from a standard wall-socket, metering is safe, quick and easy.

Up to 1000m Line-of-Sight Range
Using 868/915MHz frequency with a Texas Instruments range extender gives superior range and penetration without compromising battery life. This means fewer repeaters.

The , with its robust ABS case and component potting, is very resistant to physical and chemical damage, and is well suited to harsh environments.
IP67 rated.
CE approved.

Rapid Deployment
Installation is quick with the LED range indicator, easy sensor setup and clear configuration pages.

Resilient Connections
Cable terminations are tightly held by cage-clamp terminals.


for Europe

for North America

for the Middle of Nowhere

868 and 915 require entranet gateway/receiver

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Further Information

Technical Specification

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Technical Specification

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From sensor to sight, right out-of-the-box...

The pathway from sensor to sight is complete.
No detail has been overlooked.

With sensor and power monitoring in one device,
the performance of plant, equipment, machinery and systems (PEMS) can be seen like never before.

The road to meaningful energy savings begins there, right in the heart of the biggest consumers.

To uncover these savings, performance must be measured and compared with its potential.
This analysis unearths profound opportunities.

With the perfect platform for Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) further costs can be avoided.
Once costly and complex, now in just three simple colours.

An astonishing array of applications awaits...

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Power Generation
  • Horticulture
  • Research
  • Agriculture
  • Ecology
  • Facilities Management
  • Building Management
  • Education
  • Prisons
  • Defence
  • Hotels

Now you can easily and reliably connect any sensor or power data source wirelessly to any data management software,
every kind of application awaits.

Here are a few industries that benefit from the

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Power Generation
  • Facilities Management
  • Building Management
  • Horticulture
  • Research
  • Education
  • Prisons
  • Agriculture
  • Ecology
  • Defence
  • Hotels

Sensor Applications

The is compatible with any sensor so can be used to measure, meter and monitor absolutely anything.

Here are just a few examples…

Power Applications

The can be used to measure voltage and current for up to 4 single-phase power cables or 1 three-phase cable.
It will transmit power data to software wirelessly (so you can forget masses of cables) and can also output a kWh pulse.

 Here are some power metering and power monitoring examples…

Intrusive Metering

With clip-on Current Transformers and a voltage reference from a local wall-socket, non-intrusive metering is safer and simpler than intrusive metering with a negligible difference in accuracy.

Non-Intrusive Metering

Voltage Optimization

Power-Factor Analysis

Maximum Demand (kVA) Alarms and Load Shedding

Plant, Equipment, Machinery and Systems (PEMS)

With power and sensor inputs in one device, the performance of PEMS can be seen like never before. The potential opportunities are profound, which is why we have developed SystemYes, a unique extension to our C-trac software platform, taking full advantage of the C2i .
We analyse performance to uncover then prioritise opportunities to save by maximizing efficiency as well as reliability with out intuitive ConditionBased Maintenance module.

It begins with the

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